Terms and Conditions

CryptoSpace Acadamy (‘CSA’ or ‘we’) is a cryptocurrency education platform consisting of a website that supports the upload of classes by instructors and payment for the purchase of tutorials by customers. These general terms and conditions apply to all users (instructors and learners) on the platform. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not use this platform. The use of the website confirms that you agree with our terms and conditions and binds you by law to follow them. 


  • You register for an account on this platform by filling and submitting the registration form. 
  • All information provided must be accurate and complete for your registration to be valid.
  • You are expected to keep your password private and confidential.
  • You will take responsibility for any activity or loss that occurs due to not keeping your passwords and login details confidential. 
  • Your account should be used exclusively by you and cannot be transferred to a third party. Any authorisation of use by a third party is totally at your risk, and we can suspend your account on these grounds.
  • We may cancel or suspend your account and/or edit your account details, providing that we will refund payment for any service not yet received. 
  • You may cancel your account on our platform by contacting us. 

Terms and Conditions for Purchase

  • CSA is a crypto education platform with different instructors. You cannot hold us accountable for the quality of lessons or advice in each course. We, however, vet the content on the platform to ensure students only get the best products.
  • A contract comes into force upon confirmation of the purchase of a course. 
  • Considering the digital nature of our products, there are no refunds or returns available. However, students have the guarantee of only getting the best classes and courses taught by true industry experts. 


  • You make payment through a secure third-party payment platform.
  • There are no refunds available once the payment process is complete and products are delivered.
  • Any changes to the mode of payment would be made known to customers before the changes are effective. 

Content Guides

  • Any content you upload on the platform must be entirely yours and accurate. 
  • Your content must not contain any obscene, indecent, lewd, or sexually explicit language or illustrations. 
  • Your content should not be illegal, infringe on anyone’s rights, or lead to legal action. 
  • You must not submit any content under investigation in a court or subject to any legal proceedings.
  • Inappropriate communications must not be found in your comments and reviews.
  • You give us the right to promote and distribute your content when you upload content on the platform.


  • It would be considered a breach if you don’t comply with any of these terms and conditions. 
  • In the case of a breach, we can temporarily suspend or permanently prohibit your account.