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Cryptocurrency is the second thing the world is talking about, Second to internet.

Now, this video guides are to enlighten you about this great technology, what’s its all about and how to make money for yourself through it by not just trading these crypto currencies but also offering services in the ecosytem and getting paid on a monthly bases in dollars. This broad course will equip you with the right knowledge to help you make much more money easily than any other industry, the syllabus ranges from trading profitable on exchanges, getting jobs in the crypto space and proven steps to spot gem coins in etc.
You just need to dedicate your time to Learn before you can Earn, with your smartphone or laptop, your burning desire to make money and our support group, you’re good to go.
This video tutorials is for everyone and takes you from absolute beginner to Pro level single handedly.
Here’s what you stand to gain by getting this course:
1. You get a lifetime membership to our support groups.
2. Lifetime member to our escrow p2p group with over 400 active traders
3. Weekly updates and news direct from us to keep you going in the space.
4. Additionally you get a 10% commission when you refer anyone to this package.

Topics for this course

71 Lessons

Crypto 101

Crypto Evaluation & History of Money00:03:48
What is Bitcoin 100:05:23
What is Bitcoin 200:06:58
How to Verify Bitcoin on the Blockchain 100:01:33
How to Verify Bitcoin on the Blockchain 200:03:13
What is Cryptocurrency00:05:30
Types of Cryptocurrencies00:01:25
WTF is Bitcoin Halving?00:06:08

Ways to Trade and Store Cryptocurrencies

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Spot Trading

Futures Trading

Trading Psychology

Other Non-Trading Ways To Earn Crypto

Decentralized Finance

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