Best ZkSync Airdrop Full Guide.

Today, we’ll go over the one-of-a-kind and Best ZkSync Airdrop Full Guide. Everything you need to do on ZkSync Era Mainnet is included.

ZkSync Lite and ZkSync Era Testnet. This is the ONLY ZkSync Airdrop article you will ever require. Full ZkSync Airdrop Guide.

The zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha is now available to all users. The power of zkEVM is now available to developers, projects, and users.

zkSync Era includes features like:

Native Account Abstraction LLVM Compiler Powerful Data Compression Hyperscalability

These features serve as the foundation for Hyperscalability, our vision of an infinite Internet of ZK-powered Hyperchains on Ethereum.

We spent over a year and millions of dollars ($3.8 million to be exact) testing and auditing all components of zkSync Era, and we are confident it is secure enough to release to the public at this time.

For the past month, we’ve been covering it on my channel ZkSync. We upgraded from ZkSync 1.0 in mainnet. Testnet for ZkSync 2.0. ZkSync Lite. Regenesis of ZkSync. Now we’ll look at ZkSync Era Mainnet, ZkSync Era Testnet, and ZkSync Lite.

Step by Step ZkSync Era Mainnet – Testnet – Lite

1) Follow @zksync on Twitter:

2) Join Discord at

3) Mainnet ZkSync.
Include ZkSync Era Mainnet in your Metamask:

4) Go to the ZkSync Bridge and connect ETH and USDC to the ZkSync Era Mainnet

5) You can send and receive messages in the wallet section, so try it out.

6) Examine the Ecosystem and use and perform Transactions, Mint NFT, and so on on projects that are already on the Zksync Era Mainnet.
Some of the active projects include swapping and dropping liquidations:
@TrustlessFi @syncswap @mute_io @spacefi_io @MESprotocol

7) You can use ZkSync Era Mainnet to leverage here.

8) Nothing was entered here.

9) You can also connect Orbiter to the ZkSync Era Mainnet via a bridge

10) Participate in ZkSync Crew3

11) Use ZkSync in the checkout to donate to some Gitcoin Grants

ZkSync Era Testnet 12)
ZkSync Era Testnet should be added to your Metamask. Include Testnets should be selected.

13) Navigate to the ZkSync testnet portal at

14) Use the faucet to request funds.

15) Register Goerli ETH Wallet

16) Add Goerli ETH faucet tokens to your metamask by visiting

17) Transfer GETH funds to the ZkSync Era Testnet

18) You can Transfer and Receive in your wallet. Try it:

19) Interact with APPs that continue to use the ZkSync Era Testnet.
Here is a list of many things that don’t work. So examine yourself.

Nexon is a working ZkSync Era testnet. I’ve already discussed it here.
So go to Nexon’s testnet:
And then connect to your ZkSync Era Testnet and perform the video.

You are also eligible for a Nexon Airdrop.

ZkSync Lite (version 21).

ETH Mainnet to ZkSync Lite bridge.
Click +Top up in the Home menu. Select ZkSync from the list.

22) Create an NFT.
For the image, you’ll need an ox hash or CID. You are welcome to use mine: “0x3aeebf675ca47d11eb3fd759de7a386efda59873fe5ffed96e981f3609c1e6cb”

23) When you click on Swap, you will be taken to ZigZag on ZkSync Lite.

24) Look through the other projects in ZkSync Lite and try them out.

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