Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Specific terms and conditions bind the affiliate program. You must fulfil these terms and conditions to enjoy all the benefits of the program. The terms and conditions are;

  • Everyone can participate in the affiliate program. Students and instructors are inclusive. However, you can’t get a commission for personal registration for a course. 
  • Your commission is only payable when the valid sale of a course has been made.
  • You get commissions for every new course that your referred customers take. You keep earning as your referrals learn.
  • Commissions are only payable to registered affiliate accounts at the time of referral. Therefore, any referral without your unique affiliate link does not qualify for a commission.
  • Commissions are only available on our paid courses and after the student has made payment.
  • Affiliates should not unduly entice customers to register with cashback, rewards, or any form of compensation. 
  • Every referral must register an account with Affiliates are not permitted to sign up on their behalf. 
  • No commissions can be received from a customer who has not made payment or cancelled the registration. 
  • Commissions are available for withdrawal when a minimum of five thousand naira (5,000) is reached. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 naira. 
  • You can process a withdrawal of your commission at any time once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit. 

Failure to meet these terms and conditions can render your affiliate accounts invalid. Ensure you read through and understand it. 

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